Bashir Dawood supporting medical studies in Pakistan

Bashir Dawood: Avid Supporter of Medical Research in Pakistan

Active supporter and participant of the well-known philanthropic Dawood Foundation, Bashir Dawood has contributed tantamount aid and massive assistance to medical students and medical research. Besides contributing to Pakistan’s first-ever specialized organ transplant centre, Bashir Dawood has opened numerous doors for the integration of multiple surgical amenities into the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi.



Superb Operating Facilities

News Article about Bashir Dawood getting state of the art brain surgery technology at AKUH

Top-notched surgical suites with the latest technological developments in medicine and healthcare, within the Aga Khan University Hospital supported by Bashir Dawood, offer unparalleled medical care for a variety of health issues. Today, with new and improved medical facilities, the hospital offers Minimally Invasive Surgeries.

These surgical suites, currently with improved operating facilities, helps physicians and medical staff to operate more efficiently. The latest medical tools are available for higher precision. Moreover, the clinicians and medical staff can easily access patient information with the latest technologies. All in all, the quality of life for patients within the facility has been greatly improved.


First Class Neurosurgery Equipment

The Aga Khan University Hospital is extremely humbled to recognized as one of the only medical institutions outside the North American continent to house this matchless neurosurgery equipment to patients.

Through the generous donations of Bashir Dawood, the Neurological department at AKUH has acquired a Neurobiotic Exoscope, Penetero Microscope and a Deep Brain Stimulation device.

This superior neurological suite has catapulted AKUH to higher heights and brought it one step closer towards obtaining recognition as a leading institution in neurosciences.


State-of-the-Art Refractive Laser Suite

AKUH unveiled a refractive laser suite to help Pakistani patients with visual issues in November 2016. This suite is equipped with innovative tools which are catered to offer minimally invasive surgical treatment choices through medical treatments such as LASIK.

A well-known laser-based surgical treatment, LASIK rectifies inconsistency and issues in the shape of the corneas that are a known cause refractive errors which could deteriorate your vision.

Enacted in 2016 by Bashir Dawood, The Refractive Laser Suite makes the most up-to-date vision disorder treatments available for patients within Pakistan.